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Help us Kick Off the New Year with 5 course dinner to remember

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International Cuban Fusion

Only the Finest

Havana Houston combines an eclectic mix of Cuban, Caribbean and American flavors to create a unique upscale fusion dining experience.


We use the very freshest of premium ingredients 
and ingredients that are at their peak of maturity and taste.

Fusing: Our Herritage

The roots of fusion cuisine are probably ancient, since humans have been exchanging culinary heritage for centuries. Fusion cuisine is generally broken down into three categories. One combines the cooking styles and flavors of several related regions or sub-regions. Another commonly takes traditional dishes from one cultural or ethnic region and applies unique ingredients, spices, herbs and flavors from other cuisines to create new dishes. The third fusion cooking category simply takes the basic preparation method of an established dish and replaces the ingredients with those of a totally different cuisine.

We here at Havana Houston take an eclectic concept into fusion dining to bring your taste buds an explosion of flavors that will have you wondering “Where did these recipes come from...”

It’s our Pleasure to Serve

Let us take care of your dining needs. We have strict etiquette when it comes to waiting on our patrons. We take pride in serving and make it a true art form. Experience our exceptional catering service offered for Corporate and Private Events. 


Havana Houstons Chef’s Table

There is no greater dining experience in Havana Houston than the Chef’s Table. It’s a one-of intimate experience you can share with up to 8 people. You will receive an exclusive menu and have a one-on-one with our Master Chef.

Call to make your reservation for Havana Houston’s Chef’s Table Experience.

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